Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Its been a Ruff year, hope your Christmas wasn't


don't worry if your holiday isn't as fashionable as us!

2008, there is a huge explanation on this one, this year we went Black face or Ganguro .
if you don't know about Ganguro i put a link on the the blue highlighted area.

we went all out this year and bought dark coco like foundation mostly used by Black lady's and put layer upon layer to get that dark as seen here .

trying to look like the lady right here.
honestly I'm surprised no one beat us up but we make the day of this girls working at the Sanrio store.

Thinking of you this Holiday Season

2007 , my candy cane broke..

Have a Marry Christmas or Else!

2006 ,this Pic came with a Ransom note.


in 2005
My baby sister Kara and I got tired of trying to think of a gift me Mum would like for Christmas so we asked her one year what she would like, her answer was "just a nice Picture of you girls would be nice"

So Kara and I desided to take a pic with Santa every year for me mum as a new Christmas Tradition.

the First Pic we tried to dress as "nicely" as we could :)

Santa was very flirtatious as we sat on his lap with promises of extra candy canes and crayons, dirty old man even tried to tickle us.

but Christmas morning was worth it when hearing me mum opening up the framed pic and Asking "What happened here!?"

now we try and out do each photo from last Christmas, ENJOY.